Friday, June 8, 2012

Andrew Jay Bajana

Nothing makes me more proud in my life than this picture.  Here stands my brother Andrew Jay Bajana, a College graduate.  A great mind, A great person, A Great Brother.  I am so proud of you buddy, I only wish the best for you, and may you follow your dreams and achieve all that you aim for.
congrats :)

Yes, I did just get sappy; but it was for my brother :)  So on a trip home to New Jersey for my Brothers graduation, I had secretly planned to surprise my brother who did not know of my arrival for his big day.  I woke him up the day of his graduation to surprise him at 2am.  It was amazing to see him walk in his cap and gown, and I did shed a tear when his name was called and he reached for his diploma... it was a splendid day of bliss.  Below are some pics from his graduation party in which friends and family came out from all over to help celebrate his joyous achievement!
Pablo aka DJ mixMaster nice

so wrong but so right. ps its soda.
Family :)


All I have to say is check them out. Look out for a video soon. and if you wanna see some her work on her other project come check her out every other sunday night at the Andaz West Hollywood.

Fiona the apple of my eye

So my friends Steve and Patrick decided to get a beautiful lil puppy named Fiona :)  I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful lil dame last night, and I must say she is a beauty.  Here are some amazing pictures of her. Enjoy!

That amazingly beautiful face.

Tania loved Fiona 
Fiona yawning at Patrick

After a long day of playing, the lil bugger is exhausted.