Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Past and Present moments

this picture right here... is one of my happy memories.
I have been having the most insane flashbacks of my life.  Dreams of distant memories, of good times and the bad times.  Its funny how life is never what it may seem; its just another concept that is to be perceived by all.  The picture below is from 2007 when I was back in college living in what my mother deemed a, "frat house" yet it was only a house with 4 bedrooms. I had no idea what she was talking about...

But what is crazy is the emotions, and the memories that come back to you when you dream and begin to think about past times.

Sometimes even seeing a sunset can trigger something deep down inside.  Feelings of sadness or happiness.

Then there are those memories that I have that made me feel like a super hero.  The confidence and surge of courage will surge thru me from time to time when I think about great moments like the picture above, when I finally made it to Los Angeles, California :)

Pictures like this above give me the most amazingly eerie creeps ever.  There is this one dream I've always had since I was a young child... an evil, alien, futuristic dream where I always end up dying...I found a scene from my dream and that is pictured above.  That is creepy.

The Basement of Pleasant Place was the go to spot for parties and lil midnight rendevousx  

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Foodie

Cooking is so much fun; its one of my many hobbies I love to partake in when I have the free time.  I am not a pro chef, nor do I follow the rules; but I do come up with some interesting recipes and tasty food :)  Here is one of my favorite things to cook:  Omelets

Diced Tomatoes, Onions, and Garlic
2 Eggs and some milk for fluffy-ness
Sauté the Veggies
add the scrambled eggs
add some munster cheese
fold over the omelet once it is cooked to liking 
and perfecto! a yummy tomato, onion, and garlic omelet :)

myself as I

I always find it funny that as a photographer it is always hard to find pictures of oneself considering that I am the one taking pictures of everyone else.  I am always behind the scenes, recording, or just evaluating a scene to get some photo ideas; hence the lack of photos of myself.  

photographed by tania

photographed by dennis

photographed by myself

None the less, when someone does pick up my camera, I always find it nifty to see how others capture me in a picture... It's as if, I am sometimes still a photographer looking at pictures of another person who just happens to be me.  Here are some random shots taken of good ol me. enjoy!
photographed by ja quayn

I actually do not know who took this...

Photographed by dennis

and a good man by the name of jordan took this pic

Chongo & Skutch

Hey, heres 2 frenchies
they're my babies
yes 2 puppies
So Call me Crazy 

So Chongo happens to be a handful, and he wants constant, constant, constant attention; so with that note we got him a baby sister named:  Skutch.


       Skutch (rhymes with “butch”) it is NOT an Ebonics word (don’t know where they got that idea from) and definitely does NOT mean “slut” or anything like it.  It means “pest” and has been used for several generations by Italian-Americans.  It comes from the Italian word “scocciare” (pron. Skoh-CHA—reh) which means “to bother or annoy”

“Stop Botherin’ me, ya skutch!”

(urban Dictionary)

this lil skutch right here... she is more of a handful than chongo was as a puppy.  maybe because she is a female...

when not trying to rip each others faces off they are quite cute together :)
Even tho these dogs give us Hell, we love them so much :) they are keeping us sane while driving us insane in the membrane.
Our Little happy Family :)
The Prodigal Son
Now I may not be the dog whisper, and I may be in over my head; but dam me if I'll give up, because I won't.  I am just as stubborn as my dogs, and I love them very much and cannot wait till the day that they are grown and amazing companions.  Until then, I will unfortunately clean piss and shit 24/7.  C'est La Vie.
The Princess

September Tunes

Its September :) meaning School is in session, Autumn is here, and it is still 105 degrees over here in West Hollywood, CA.  I miss the east coast so much, especially for my favorite season.  Here are some awesome songs you should listen to while drinking a nice hot coffee on a brisk Fall morning, or if its a late night adventure with some friends and y'all are headed out to a Frat party, or just relaxing at home playing with some pups!

Lana Del Rey - Off to the races

courtesy of
holla for a dolla


left corner: Caramel, underneath that is the Oreo.  To the right you have the Double chocolate and my favorite Banana Walnut:)

I find it very hard to cook dinner, unless it's planned or you have time to prepare a meal; hence my constant manner to eat in small portions.  Here are some images from me devouring some tasty CUPCAKES amongst other sweet and tasty goods :)
A Reeses Cupcake
I love snacks.  I have a sweet tooth like a mother fucker, and my girlfriend used to worked at Big Man Bakes for a year (cupcake spot).  I always find myself going thru a day just nibbling every where on sweets, just to get energy and to keep moving.  

yummy loli from "Rocket Fizz" in Pasadena

Amazing ceviche from a brazilian spot "Tropicalia" in Los Feliz

some disgusting bananas, but some yummy Pitaya aka dragon fruit.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank you to those who visit :)

Thank you.  Thats all that must be said.  To the friends and family who have made their way out to visit  me; I truly appreciate it :)  You all know who you are!!!

Nicole it was a pleasure :) glad you had fun! Thank you for the card!

To my mother and cousin who came to visit :) thanks and I love you Mom.

My brother ali. years do not equate to the bond we share.

Erin and Jen, we all had an awesome time in SD! (minus the car getting towed, the speeding ticket, etc.) 

The Best friend and his wonderful girlfriend Monykah.  also ps. thank you for watching chongo :)
The drootins, my mother in law, grandmother in law, and sibling in laws hehe

if anyone in jersey sees this man... tell him he owes me his life.

andy. thanks for the ukulele :)
Joe, Good luck with everything!