Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lorain Photo shoot Party

This is how I used to throw house parties back in the day.  I'm gonna bring that back to los angeles.  Just wait and watch.

John Dear

Setting up shop in Hollyweird.  All photo inquiries @

 Matthew Dear - Her Fantasy

 3. gypsy One inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life.

I do not condone smoking cigarettes' I haven't bought a pack in 2 weeks. sweet.  

things are getting brighter

Foreigners and Friends

The enjoyment of company to me is what a dollar means to a crack head.  THE WORLD.  I've met interesting people everywhere, but LA has some interesting folks, or maybe I should say California in general.  Here are some pictures of some amazing friends and I from all over, spending one night in Hollywood.
dave is honestly the funniest mother fucker alive.

This is how you describe friendship


We played this awesome game of trying to only spend $20 at a vintage shop and wear the outfit out that night.  It was a success.

our splendid visitor from abroad, Maren :)

abg we be holding it down

The Kids are gonna be fine

Life has its unexpected ups and downs; and in my case I had a big down fall with my pups.  Ill keep the story short due to nothing needs to be said but,  "the kids are going to be fine".

I love you two so much and I hope you both are happy :)

The Wire

There are things that I'm learning on a daily basis.  I'm not perfect and it's because I am not perfect, that I am happy with who I am.  My expectations are not high at all, yet I do have standards and I have a right to be choosy and picky about anything I want or do, hence why I won't settle for anything I do not want.  My life in the past 5 months have been something else... I moved to Hollywood, I parted ways with my girlfriend, and I am embarking on a soul searching journey.  Los Angeles is one hell of an interesting city, and its because that I have to start brand new in a city I do not know that will be truly an amazing journey.

I just want to give the public and my readers (if anyone reads this mumbo jumbo) some sort of insight to my crazy, imaginative, and chaotic manners.

song mood: XX

I miss my brothers

its expensive as shit to live in LA.  It ain't for the cheap.

I am working on multiple projects all at once; hence why I dissapear from time to time.  I'm sorry; its my creative hungry demon that takes over.

I'm a tad bit crazy.  Then again who isn't?

song mood:  Blood on the Leaves

I have an intense Love/bored relationship with my Job

I have some of the coolest friends

i miss my dogs

again this is all to just clear my mind. give some insight to the crazy guy I am.  From here on, the post on this blog will be more frequent; in hopes of getting some readers and getting some word out there of my photography and adventures in the world. :)