Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Copy and Paste Clothiers (part 1)

I never really get to be the guy behind the scenes of a shoot (because I'm usually the photographer) but for this shoot I just got to sit back and watch the professionals do what they are good at.  There was about a total of seven models, and then when you include the make-artist, assistants, production crew, lighting, art design, friends, guest, the designers, etc. you can imagine it was a packed house full of talented artsy 'swagged' out individuals.
the photographer here was getting married in a week, she is from europe.
These models are wearing jackets by Copy & Paste Clothiers.
Artistic Direction
Everyone watching from behind the Lens.
Al the video man behind the shoot.  He was compiling footage for a short video on the trip out to LA.
People watching and giving input and creativity.  Bizzy on the phone. make that guap!