Friday, July 13, 2012


His Name is  C H O N G O, yes you heard his name is Chongo.  He is a full, pure, and AKC registered French Bulldog, Brindle color; and he is our new son in whom we have so much pride and joy :)

He was born April 24, 2012 and is a Taurus, so he is naturally stubborn and a lil asshole from time to time.  Even as I type this up, he wants to make it his priority to chew the charging wire for the macbook, instead of chewing his billion of toys we have for him.

for those who think he is a cat, he is not.  He does have pointy ears like those funny looking felines, but nope.  He is a frenchie, and he would appreciate if people wouldn't mistaken him for another "animal". He said, that is like calling every latin looking person "mexican"... that aint right ( chongo)

Chongo and Mama love to pass out together :)

Here he relaxes in his throne, or as Tania says, the spoiled brat gets the best chair and we have to suffer.

This is him trying to pull off an inverted sneeze because of his small breathing passages.

"A clown in a philosophers cloak" another French Bulldog nick name
This is how Chongo likes to sleep.  I am not going to lie, it is quite hilarious and freighting as fuck.  One minute I think he is sleeping in a funny position, the next I question if he is having a seizure???

always up to mischief