Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Glare Novice

"To spit rhymes or walk the line"

Young "Glare Novice", aka the young Alex Terraciano is at a point in his life, in which he is torn between music and education.  Of course one can pursue music education, but Alex.. excuse myself, I mean Glare Novice wants to pursue his passion of being a talented lyricist.  "Education is important and I am not abandoning it...I am just taking a break" said Glare.  His goal is to make a move from New Jersey (his home) to the entertainment mecca of the world, Hollywood, California.  Sure he would like to stay in NJ with friends and family and push his image from NJ to the world (with NY an hour away he can still make an impact) but there is something about that california vibe that is alluring.  Like Kendrick and Dre said, "they come for (women, weed, and weather)... Los Angeles being the greater area of Hollywood is a great opportunity for anyone pursuing any sort of entertainment career.  Here are some pictures of a shoot we did while Glare was in LA for a month.  

I moved out here to chase love, life, and my passion.  I always encourage others to follow their heart and do what they can do now... my reason is YOLO.

check out his website and listen to his music, help spread the world of your local artist.  Keep your eyes out for up coming videos and more!