Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Wire

There are things that I'm learning on a daily basis.  I'm not perfect and it's because I am not perfect, that I am happy with who I am.  My expectations are not high at all, yet I do have standards and I have a right to be choosy and picky about anything I want or do, hence why I won't settle for anything I do not want.  My life in the past 5 months have been something else... I moved to Hollywood, I parted ways with my girlfriend, and I am embarking on a soul searching journey.  Los Angeles is one hell of an interesting city, and its because that I have to start brand new in a city I do not know that will be truly an amazing journey.

I just want to give the public and my readers (if anyone reads this mumbo jumbo) some sort of insight to my crazy, imaginative, and chaotic manners.

song mood: XX

I miss my brothers

its expensive as shit to live in LA.  It ain't for the cheap.

I am working on multiple projects all at once; hence why I dissapear from time to time.  I'm sorry; its my creative hungry demon that takes over.

I'm a tad bit crazy.  Then again who isn't?

song mood:  Blood on the Leaves

I have an intense Love/bored relationship with my Job

I have some of the coolest friends

i miss my dogs

again this is all to just clear my mind. give some insight to the crazy guy I am.  From here on, the post on this blog will be more frequent; in hopes of getting some readers and getting some word out there of my photography and adventures in the world. :)