Friday, May 3, 2013

CHC ambassador Herbie Hancock

CHC is an incredible philanthropic organization, reaching out to the homeless youth with opportunities and guidance.  I have not heard of them till this event, but once I found out about the cause, and who who was being honored I felt extremely proud to attend the event.  CHC ambassador and Honoree Herbie Hancock was honored, among guest celebs and honorees, and a performance.  At dinner an auction was held in which it raised over $70,000 in 1 hour. Of course I was there to photograph, so my contribution to CHC is spreading the word of such a great group!! enjoy the pics and check the links!

Vinessa Shaw

Executive Director George R. Lozano (retiring honoree)

Gabrielle Shutter interviewing Gabriel Mann for POPSTOPTV!

Quddus - back when MTV would still entertain me.

Wayne Shorter 

Herbie Hancock, Kandace Lindsey, Wayne Shorter

New friends :)