Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Martin Schoeller presents TWINS

Photography is amazing.  Its not so much as the flaws or beauty that is shown on a photo that is captivating to me, as much as the way the photo conveys its story.  Below are some photos of the ever so popular photographer Martin Schoeller 

They are amazing, the focus on the eyes, the way the face gets lost with focus.  I mean you can see why he is a well known photographer.  Last month I was able to attend his opening gallery for his exhibit "Twins".  It was quite the showing and I was able to meet Martin Schoeller himself and really appreciate some fine photos.  Here are some pictures from the lovely evening at hand :)

On the left is Martin Schoeller

The kics!

I see my home girl breezy

This guy was killing it with the custom made suit

Optimus Prime!

My lovely editor Romina and her BF Lorn, two very awesome people :)