Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Past and Present moments

this picture right here... is one of my happy memories.
I have been having the most insane flashbacks of my life.  Dreams of distant memories, of good times and the bad times.  Its funny how life is never what it may seem; its just another concept that is to be perceived by all.  The picture below is from 2007 when I was back in college living in what my mother deemed a, "frat house" yet it was only a house with 4 bedrooms. I had no idea what she was talking about...

But what is crazy is the emotions, and the memories that come back to you when you dream and begin to think about past times.

Sometimes even seeing a sunset can trigger something deep down inside.  Feelings of sadness or happiness.

Then there are those memories that I have that made me feel like a super hero.  The confidence and surge of courage will surge thru me from time to time when I think about great moments like the picture above, when I finally made it to Los Angeles, California :)

Pictures like this above give me the most amazingly eerie creeps ever.  There is this one dream I've always had since I was a young child... an evil, alien, futuristic dream where I always end up dying...I found a scene from my dream and that is pictured above.  That is creepy.

The Basement of Pleasant Place was the go to spot for parties and lil midnight rendevousx