Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank you to those who visit :)

Thank you.  Thats all that must be said.  To the friends and family who have made their way out to visit  me; I truly appreciate it :)  You all know who you are!!!

Nicole it was a pleasure :) glad you had fun! Thank you for the card!

To my mother and cousin who came to visit :) thanks and I love you Mom.

My brother ali. years do not equate to the bond we share.

Erin and Jen, we all had an awesome time in SD! (minus the car getting towed, the speeding ticket, etc.) 

The Best friend and his wonderful girlfriend Monykah.  also ps. thank you for watching chongo :)
The drootins, my mother in law, grandmother in law, and sibling in laws hehe

if anyone in jersey sees this man... tell him he owes me his life.

andy. thanks for the ukulele :)
Joe, Good luck with everything!