Monday, September 17, 2012


left corner: Caramel, underneath that is the Oreo.  To the right you have the Double chocolate and my favorite Banana Walnut:)

I find it very hard to cook dinner, unless it's planned or you have time to prepare a meal; hence my constant manner to eat in small portions.  Here are some images from me devouring some tasty CUPCAKES amongst other sweet and tasty goods :)
A Reeses Cupcake
I love snacks.  I have a sweet tooth like a mother fucker, and my girlfriend used to worked at Big Man Bakes for a year (cupcake spot).  I always find myself going thru a day just nibbling every where on sweets, just to get energy and to keep moving.  

yummy loli from "Rocket Fizz" in Pasadena

Amazing ceviche from a brazilian spot "Tropicalia" in Los Feliz

some disgusting bananas, but some yummy Pitaya aka dragon fruit.