Monday, September 17, 2012

Chongo & Skutch

Hey, heres 2 frenchies
they're my babies
yes 2 puppies
So Call me Crazy 

So Chongo happens to be a handful, and he wants constant, constant, constant attention; so with that note we got him a baby sister named:  Skutch.


       Skutch (rhymes with “butch”) it is NOT an Ebonics word (don’t know where they got that idea from) and definitely does NOT mean “slut” or anything like it.  It means “pest” and has been used for several generations by Italian-Americans.  It comes from the Italian word “scocciare” (pron. Skoh-CHA—reh) which means “to bother or annoy”

“Stop Botherin’ me, ya skutch!”

(urban Dictionary)

this lil skutch right here... she is more of a handful than chongo was as a puppy.  maybe because she is a female...

when not trying to rip each others faces off they are quite cute together :)
Even tho these dogs give us Hell, we love them so much :) they are keeping us sane while driving us insane in the membrane.
Our Little happy Family :)
The Prodigal Son
Now I may not be the dog whisper, and I may be in over my head; but dam me if I'll give up, because I won't.  I am just as stubborn as my dogs, and I love them very much and cannot wait till the day that they are grown and amazing companions.  Until then, I will unfortunately clean piss and shit 24/7.  C'est La Vie.
The Princess